Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How I started becoming interested in computers?

CALL - Computer Assisted Language Learning
Hello everyone.
I started becoming interested in computers when I first bought my Mac 4 years ago. Access to this powerful tool enabled me to start experimenting both on and off line. However, when I first came across a little program called 'Blogger' I really started to gain momentum, and the things that I could produce for both teachers and students expanded exponentially.
I started with simple ideas, such as using the blog function to communicate ideas to students. Then I got students involved through a project in my writing class. They need to contribute 50 words per week to a class blog.
Students at my school were initially hesitant. I often got responses such as, 'I don't have a computer' and 'I don't have internet access'. I thought about this and tried to encourage my school to provide more access time in the computer lab. This was the key to making this kind of blog enjoyable and available to all students. Now the biggest issue is trying to get them to edit their work sufficiently, before publication.
Another way that I use the internet is as a central hub for ESL and EFL materials...where I provide information and lessons for both teachers to use and students to access as supplementary or class related assignment. Some students make use of this resource, and I would like to investigate ways in which I can make the material more accessible to a greater number of people. One thing that I have found, is that language can be quite a hurdle for many, and the idea of visiting a site only in the target language, can be quite daunting. For this reason, I am playing with the idea of a bilingual site, or something that can be accessed in a number of languages. This is quite a large endeavor that will take a little time.
Recently, I have added more things to my site, including videos from Yutube, a great resource and very easy to embed. I would like to also investigate new ways to use video, and even incorporating web discussions using programs such as Sype, to promote regular networking and study groups.
There is so much I still want to do, which I will do one step at a time. If you get the chance, please visit my website at: mondosworld.blogspot.com
Until next time...Ciao Steven smile

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