Saturday, January 12, 2008

Research Proposal 3

I need to also decide on a paradigm (most likely qualitative or quasi-experimental)---so that means I need to start thinking of questions (rather than hypotheses), and different variables to compare or contrast... This is where attitudes (teacher and student), learning styles, teacher checks and balances, logistics and overall suitability of teaching methodology may come into play...

It'll be most likely action research (but could also make use of case study or grounding theory), so the understandings will come through the research, rather than test or validate hypotheses... I will probably need to propose small incremental changes, that can be implemented within the real system and evaluated on a regular consistent with action research (Kremmis & McTaggart 1988)

The methods and design I am still playing with. Definitely as an insider, I can offer a unique first hand perspective (but which can also cause bias, which I will need to account for in the design, methods and procedure section for sources of error), but there will be a need for interviews and/or surveys of teacher and student understandings of this kind of teaching and its perceived usefulness. Comparisons could be made within observations which could be undertaken of my own classes and other teachers classes (given that ethical considerations and rater bias are taken into account).
I think it will be difficult to delimit the actual question (but I will need to if I want to keep under the word limit), as there is a lot that can and should be investigated.

Oh well, that's where I am at...
Steven M

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