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Validity and reliability - issues and discussion 2

Topic: Validity and reliability - issues and discussion Date: 4 December 2006 11:41 PM
Subject: Re:Very testy indeed Author: Mondy, Steven

I kind of resist using anything more than once as I feel, now this is only on a personal level, that it isn't fair to the student who pays X amount of $ to get up to date, well thought out, original, and unique material. Of course, re-inventing the wheel is a laborious and somewhat futile endeavor, yet shouldn't we try to personalize our teaching as much as possible. If students know that a test is being used in basically the same format for years on end, then doesn't that automatically invalidate the test.
I understand that the issue of creating and maintaining reliability is paramount, yet I think that is also essential that we remain vibrant and abreast to the changes in our teaching environment. That may mean whole changes to not only the test, but to the content of the course and the objectives.
Each student is an individual, learning within a certain context. Our programs need to have flexibility in order to respond to that. It’s too easy to expect students to fit our models. Yet, maintaining our formats, will also maintain our teaching objectives, and keep up standards, not to mention strengthen the basis on which we can make judgments about overall ability.
What are we to do?
Steven Mondy

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