Friday, November 16, 2007

Technology in Education...

How I would love to take a trip into the future and see what is happening with technology in the classroom, and beyond.
I too, am very interested in technology, but more out of an interest, rather than a particular research focus. I haven't actually done any of the CAL, or technology in Ed. subjects, but I have taken it upon myself to introduce my students (in Japan), to the empowering aspects of utilizing technology in their studies. However, one thing that I have noticed, and in Japan mind you, is the lack of internet access among the student body. In Japan (especially among my students), mobile phone use far surpasses internet use (very subjective, I know...). So, one of the issues that I face is with computer/internet access. Students send e-mail from phones, and portable devices, that although convenient, can limit what they can do. I guess when i-phones come to Japan, at a reasonable price, we will start seeing a change in behavior patterns and greater freedom to do a wider variety of things.
Having said that, I am also a little cautious about going full steam into a situation of complete reliance on technology. A friend of mine has a son who has taken the computer based TOEFL test, and has commented on how different the testing style was. She talked about her son not being able to concentrate as effectively on that test, compared to the paper test, therefore affecting his score. I guess there is still a lot of ironing out of little problems to do, but computer based activities can offer a new scope for teachers and open up new avenues for students in their own learning.
I look on it as giving the best possible access to a great variety of material, to the greatest number of students. In the end, students have to choose to embrace new technologies, and we have to give them the chance to do so.
Steven Mondy

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Pedrina said...

Hi Mondo,

I ran into your blog while I was looking for ideas for grading oral tests. Then, I found this thought about technology in Education which surprised me in the sense that students in Japan do not use computers that much for e-mailing. It seems we are a little ahead here in Brazil, at least in large cities like São Paulo.