Friday, October 19, 2007

In what language do deaf people think?

10th August, 2006
In what language do deaf people think? 26 Dec-2003
I have been thinking about this topic recently, as an extension to the ‘wild child’ idea. If a child is brought up in a situation devoid of language what do they think? The article puts forward the argument that deaf people think in signs, if they were lucky enough to learn sign language at an early age. However, what if they didn’t? Do these children develop their own way to interpret and react to the world? For this would support the innatist view? Or do these children not develop any form of device to react to the world? Possibly, their brains just don’t develop the necessary neurons, and they are forced to live in some kind of vegetative state. Having these two options, I would like to think that the human brain is predisposed to make sense of the world, in whatever way.... Steven Mondy

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