Thursday, March 15, 2007


Accent is something that seems to worry many of our Japanese students, and frankly I have to ask why? Accents are beautiful, and reflective of deep cultural roots. Why on earth would you want everyone in the world speaking with the same accent? Where's the diversity, and the creativity that comes with that amount of variety in the world. Accents are beautiful, and it's a shame when they are lost...
Actually, does anyone know where I left mine?
Having been in Japan for a fairly long time, I have unwittingly adopted some strange kind of accent... I want my Australian accent back! Does anyone know where I left my accent?Steven Mondy
(sorry for the tongue in cheek tone...)

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Unknown said...

i agree on accent beauty. though i also agree with your students... accents can really fuck up a learner. i've only really learnt spanish as another language but once i was quite pleased with myself in understanding native speakers at native speeds of talking i bumped into some cubans... then peruvians... then colombians (who were ok to listen too actually) then some andalucians... and i was back to beginner... stammering apologies etc. same in english.
though it's interesting to note, the same mistakes my vietnamese students make, characterise the london accent ... ie. mine!
long live accent. and check out the BBC accent archive. it covers UK only i think but features grammar of accents and vocab too (i know that's not accent but it's midnight and i'm half cut! hahaha).